It's still me, the small but terrible


Visiting my alma mater it brings happiness on me that I can reminisce all the good and bad things happened when I was in highschool. It's a great feeling to be young and fresh lol. Full of curiosity that we cannot stop our feelings to do it, right? Memories to be keep in my entire life that I'm once a teenager that full of excitement in every journey that I had.

Flexing my friend of mine and classmate of my elder brother Joy, it's Jeky! We're quite busy because of our homecoming alumni by next week. I just visit this morning my alma mater to witness the Zumba program that sponsored by batch '95 but I was late hehehe. I've seen the classmates of my brother then some didn't recognized me. Am I changed a lot? I ask them. Then they said "a big yes😁". I was overwhelmed but I tell them "it's still me, the small but terrible😁".

That's all for tonight and blessed Sunday everyone. Thanks for droppong by and I really appreciate it.

September 24,2023
10:17 pm

The fighter mom,

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