Life On Two Wheels Series #26 | #Monomad Challenge

Hello there Black and White fam, it's been a long time since I last posted content here on hive I've been busy tho for the last few months due to some circumstances, but for now let's start the new year with the right mindset, and an optimistic year ahead as we are all looking forward for the great things to happen in our daily living for the whole year round.

And for today's content, I will be sharing again my entry for the #monomad challenge of @monochromes. Late last year in the month of November to be exact there was this event of an endurance ride that happened for 2 days in the province of Cebu and Negros. Hence, they called the endurance ride Cebu - Negros Loop 2022 the event was attended by most local social media influencers and was likely sponsored by Philippine Motorcycle Tourism, as the event supports and campaigns the tourism business sector by exploring the beauty of Cebu and Negros province. And here are some of my snaps of the event as our place was one of the routes of the endurance ride.

First off is this naked bike from Yamaha, from afar I could hear the full-throttle noise which gives me time to prepare and position myself to get a good frame from the full swing speed of the rider.


The Cebu - Negros Loop 2022 endurance ride was not a race in the first place, beforehand the organizers informed the media that it was not a race but required to finish the endurance ride in 2 days. So, some of the participants had this chill ride vibe just like this tandem who happens to drive an R3 from Yamaha. As you can see the back rider was sightseeing on the beachside as beyond the road railings is a white fine sand beach.



On the other hand, scooters are also welcome in the endurance ride. Well, for me I'd rather drive an automatic motorcycle if I was to choose since it is less hassle to shift gears and just rest my feet on the footboard. Just like the above and below riders who were using scooters in their endurance ride, lucky for them they were using scooters that are considered touring bikes as it's very comfortable to drive in a long ride. The above scooter by the way is a PCX from Honda while the below is NMax from Yahama.



Meanwhile, I was able to capture as well the individuals who use their bikes as their regular modes of transportation for commuting to work, running errands, and visiting friends and relatives. As many people rely on motorcycles for their livelihood, as they are often used for delivery services, taxi services, and other types of transportation.


After all, safety is an important consideration when riding a motorcycle it may be on an endurance ride or used on a daily basis, every rider should always wear a helmet and protective gear, and observe all traffic laws. It's also a good idea to make sure that the motorbikes are in good working condition and regularly maintained to ensure a safe and reliable ride.