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The A chord was one chord is if not the simplest chord to learn for beginners, the first I learnt in my journey of playing the guitar. At first it felt easy and simple to watch people played and to see how they played, overtime when it came to mixing it with all the chords it was a bit difficult bringing your fingers together.

In this video above I have shown in simple ways how to learn to play the a chord and to help everyone who wants to learn.

About the Chord

To play the cord you will need your fingers especially the left fingers if you are right handed and the right fingers if you're left handed. The positioning and understanding of the timing of changing it to other chord may be learnt later but fr now let's focus on accuracy of the chord and how it sounds.

The finger pattern

The pattern involved arrange the fingers as shown in the diagram below to with the description given in the video, the aim of the video is to explain proper where each finger go and how to strum the chords.

Diagrams to help

download (18).jpeg


How to practice the Chord

To practice you may need to ensure you have a well tuned guitar and then strum to a metronum or an imaginary beat in your head counting 1, 2, 3, 4 and 1.. strumming at every 1.

Doing this for about 10 minute a day will help Tran your hands, your fingers and your brain to play it.

Remember not to stop rehearsing..

Things to expect

Well you may find your hands touching other strings, and hence giving unwanted sounds, balancing it back to the proper string and keeping it there will help.

You may also find it hard to press the string down against the fret board, this will need more use as well, you ll need to press with full force over time your fingers will be strong.

You may find your sound not as smooth as the one heard, your guitar isn't mine, so give your self a break.

You may have painful fingertips after a few trials, yes that always comes with learning. It will be swallowed up in join when the music comes out of it.

Okay, till the next tutorial, if there is something you didn't quite get, please let me know in the comment box.

Keep playing. See you in the next tutorial.

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