Time to cut your hair - isolation style

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Uh oh. Ya that's right. Isolation and social distancing mean no barbers. Bet you didn't think of that, did you? I did, watch me cut my own hair - isolation style.


Okay, I admit. I was lucky to happen to own a set of clippers and have a very minimalistic hairstyle. I've had this same hairstyle for 30 years. It's easy to maintain and keeps me out of trouble and within the regs.

After I applied some fatherly coercion, my boys, all three of them, let me cut their hair too. The oldest and young took more convincing to come to the clippers. Only after my middle son let me at him did the other two relent.

Here's my oldest and youngest. The middle son is at the end of the video.

My oldest at the top. Interrupted the youngest one's video game... he was not too cooperative :-)

ACTUAL HOW To cut your hair Guides - for the ladies

How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home Without Totally Effing It Up - This one is from Cosmo. ohhhh, la, la-dee-dah. It has a bunch of nice videos for you to follow depending on your hairstyle. I liked the title... a little bit sassy.

For the guys ...

'I didn't need no F'n guide'... but if you are worried about just winging it follow this How to Cut Your Own Hair Short in 9 Steps: The Complete Illustrated Guide

I dare you to do it without the guide! I did it four times.

Show me your isolation hair cuts. Are they bitchin or down to the scalp?

Stay safe, Stay healthy!


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