Hey now, 7 New Photos for you to see today!



Hey now, 7 New Photos for you to see today!

Dear neighbors,

I do hope you crazy kids are doing great today.

After all it's Thursday, Thursday means it is almost Friday, and Friday means it is almost the weekend. WOOT! Not that there's anything different between the weekday and the weekend... at least here with the city shut down... Quite the contrary, the days seem to blend together into a giant amoeba that does its best to consume my time. The feeling is oddly satisfying, but terrifying in the same respect.

It reminds me of a Stephen King movie, I forget the name of which one, I think I saw when I was a kid. But there were a bunch of people on the airplane. Some of them fell asleep and then woke up. Some people on the plane vanished. When they landed at the airport, nobody was around. It turns out that they went backwards in time by a fractional second... And now these round black creatures are eating the time and reality around them, just sort of consuming all... I forget how it ends, not sure if they get back to the correct time... But that's sort of how I feel here. Time keeps getting eaten, not really making any progress.

It is a little depressing, to be quite honest. My feelings of loneliness and depression inside, me rise quite often. Some days it's a real struggle to get up and be creative, and to find motivation and even accomplished the minimum amount of daily life things, Not to mention exercise and walking puppy dog, seems like a monumental task.

Long ago, I realized there are two main options you have in reality. You can lay down and die and that's it, or you can get up and keep going forward. Just as long as you opt to keep going forward, there is strength inside you to do this... Burial as it may be, to get motivated, that strength inside you is limitless, all you have to do is reach for it and touch it a little. Really my friends, you have limitless potential ability...

Well again I prattled on too much, prior to the pictures, so let's get to the daily photos.

The Daily Photos.

There are storm clouds brewing this morning, In the distance the rain is coming, so get ready to put those puddles on the floor. The rainy season is coming


I walked past this at like 5 AM, something about that one glowing window, on an otherwise dark and ominous looking building. I'm sure it is quite benign, perhaps some early morning person drinking talking, or hacking up a body they murdered just hours before. We will never know...


Here we see the discarded husks, of palm tree eggs.


Here we see the discarded husks of Styrofoam eggs.


Sort of look like a waterfall to me, but it's actually a corrugated metal siding with graffiti upon it... But look cool.


Getting up close and personal with palm tree textures, this is its bark.


This photo makes me feel little bit unnerved. I think it's because the plastic wrapper has such high contrast, to the black background... Nature versus Modernism. Just unsettling to me.


I do enjoy talking to you dear friends and neighbors. But I'm sure you have things you have to do. You have posts to vote on, comments to leave, blog articles to blog about... I guess I should do these things as well.

Thank you for taking the time to join me today and I hope your days are filled with awesome things. If you have questions or comments leaving down below I'll do my best to address them.

Have a great day all





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