10 exceptional photos of a microcosm along with twisting narrative.


10 exceptional photos of a microcosm along with twisting narrative.

Bonjour Sir and Mme.

When you think of a microcosm, a small group of people probably come to mind. In a sense we are all members of a microcosm that many people might not be aware of – a microcosm of creatives, a microcosm on HIVE.

What is a microcosm of creatives? Creatives are people who can be recognised by their imaginations and their ability to create works of art. Creatives are artists, they are actors, they are musicians, they are writers, they are scientists, they are mathematicians, they are entrepreneurs. Creatives are any kind of thinker who has the ability to make something out of nothing. Creatives often work in their own individual fields but they also collaborate with other creatives.

Together this interconnected web of creative individuals forms a microcosm ... of sorts, in which they all balance each other out work to create a contained ecosystem inside a bubble.

But whata is a microcosm... A microcosm is a small representation of a large group of people or things. For example, a microcosm of a school may be 4-5 students in a classroom. A microcosm of the human body may be the stomach and its contents. A microcosm can be not just people or things of a certain type, but also events of a certain type. An example of a microcosm of an event may be a single occurrence of someone's favorite movie.

This all begs a larger question... Why am I rambling on about a microcosm? I bet you are wondering why I am rambling on about a microcosm. Well, it's because I am so freaking excited about THIS microcosm. You are probably wondering why I am so excited about THIS microcosm. Well, it is what I focused on for today's photos. I bet you're wondering why I focused on it for today's photos, well I focus not because it was neat.

With that in mind let's get to the pictures...

The Daily Photos.

laid before you dear friends the base of the micro-chasm that we will be exploring today, almost as it was part of the macrocosm.


shards of shattered pottery silently stand as testament. twisted and tangled in twigs and tops of trees.


Mountain paths lead past gigantic trees, you best watch your step.


Long nexus of shattered pottery, separated like the neck vertebrae of the Ndebele tribe of South Africa, but without the metal rings.


amalgamated mass of sea coral and withered branches, tangled together, decomposing and becoming ash.


This microcosm, the spring flowers.


The river runs through, the babbling brook, past fjords and riverbanks.


The stark green battles against the nightshade black, one victor shall emerge, the other will fade away.


horrified decadent wounds, separated skin to which you can see the roots and dirt, within.


With hands I clasped my head and pull it off, so that I may separate myself from this earthly realm, and travel once more amongst the stars.


This blog post, this post sort of took a weird turn somewhere halfway through, not really sure what inspired not change... But, sometimes you just gotta go with. You have to be an instrument through which the universe makes itself creates reality, because if you are not instrument that plays well, the universe then will discard you into the junk heap, then some vagabond dimensional being will find you and use you for its own whims. Moral of the story, when creativity flows, let the universe make its reality with you as its brush.

I do have sincere thanks and gratitude for you all joining me today on this whimsical adventure blog. Should you have any questions please feel free to leave them down below, you have any comments or strange musings please do so as well.

If you are some pop tart spamming everything with some bull donkey about electronic terrorism, I would ask you to just move along ... thank you very much.

much love friends




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