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Homesteading Resources That Are Handy!

Note: This post is a work in progress. If you think something should be added here please put it in the comments section so that it can be reviewed. Entries can be posts made to Hive also... so please if it seems relevant share it!

Also please note that I intend to create more sections that cover other various homesteading related topics such as farming, gardening, livestock and permaculture to name a few. Please feel free to suggest topics for inclusion.

General reference materials:

CD3WD Project is a multi language wealth of knowledge on how to do stuff.
Note: Not all documents have translations but many are in:
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian.

Low-Tech Magazine contains a wealth of knowledge on low tech solutions:

Low-Tech Magazine in multiple languages is also available.
Note: Not all articles have translations but many are in:
English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Polish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Water Resources!

Spring catchment SKAT manual:

Ram pump explanation:

Gravity-Fed Water System for Developing Communities:

Rules of thumb for gravity fed systems:

A very simple spring water catchment system:

How To Build A Simple Check Valve:

Dam and reservoir building:

Compost Water Heater With The Jean Pain Method:

Water from air machines:

Water from the atmosphere:
Video: Warka Tower.

The Persian ice house making ice in the desert:

How to build a water Tank Stand:

Earthbag water cistern:
Video: Off-Grid Rainwater Harvesting Cistern With Dirt.

Drip Line Irrigation Example:
Video: Drip Line Irrigation.

Barrel (Drum) Rainwater Filter:
Video: DIY Rainwater Filter System.

Permaculture water systems 1:
Video: Slowing, spreading and soaking water into land.

Permaculture water systems 2:
Video: Design for Wildfire Defense.

Permaculture water systems 3:
Video: Permaculture Ponds: Why, Where & How.

Permaculture water systems 4:
Video: Integrated Water Harvesting Earthworks, Restoring Ecosystems with Permaculture Design.

Permaculture water systems 5:
Video: Farm Scale Drought-Proofing: Water Harvesting for Land Regeneration with Permaculture Design.

Electricity Resources!

Hydro-Electric Resources:

Hydro electric turbines:

Vortex hydro electric turbines:

Twin Micro Hydro Turbine Experiment:

Micro Hydro Turbine Array Experiment:

Micro Hydro Turbine Array Experiment Update:

Solar Resources:

Outback Power solar component manufacturer:

Aims solar component manufacturer:

Genasun solar component manufacturer:


Daylight Drive system:

Basics For 12 Volt Electric Generation: "The Easy Way"

How to fix broken glass on a solar panel:

Video explanation of how to fix broken solar panel glass:

Other Electricity Generation Resources:

Thermoelectric Generator Systems for woodstoves:

Human powered electricity generation:

Small wind turbines:

Hydrogen powered generators:

Industrial hydrogen powered generators and fuel production:

Miscellaneous Electricity Resources:

Inexpensive off-grid devices:

Earth batteries explained:

Nickel Iron batteries:

Load Dump, Dump Load, Diversion Load Information:

Switch Mode Power Supply Information:

Living energy farms technologies:

Shelter Resources!

Building with earthbags:

Hyperadobe Step-by-Step:

"Shelter" By Lloyd Kahn and Bob Easton
Book: (Must be purchased)

"The Hand Sculpted House, A Practical and Philosophical Guide to Building a Cob Cottage"
Book: (Must be purchased)

The Fifty Dollar and Up Underground House Book:

Inexpensive underground houses with Mike Oehler:
Video: Idaho modern oldtimer builds underground & solar $50 houses

Food Resources!

Food Preservation Resources:

Five Food Preservation Methods on The Homestead:

Pressure Canning Raw Pack Chicken:

Making Chicken Bone Broth and Canning It:

How To Freeze Dry Foods:

Aquaculture Resources!

Fishery Resources:

Freshwater Fish Hatchery (Tilapia):

A Step-by-step Catfish Incubation and Hatching in Progress:

Inducing The Female Catfish To Release Her Eggs:

Catfish Breeding Stock Chosen Based On Certain Criteria:

Making Fish Incubation Environment Look Good:

Spawning And Incubating Catfish Eggs After Fertilization:

Communication Resources!

Cellular signal boosters 1:

Cellular signal boosters 2:

Amateur radio frequency allocations:

Ham Radio For Dummies Cheat Sheet:

MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) Band Info:

Family Radio Service (FRS/GMRS):

Direct phone to phone communication 1:

Direct phone to phone communication 2:

Fuel Resources!

Bio Fuels:

Biogas digestors:

Other Resources!

Doing land research:

Biochar production and by-products:

Anaerobic digestion:

Making The Black Soldier Fly (Bsf) Love Cage Ready By Adding Water, Attractant, And Eggise:

Three basic methods of propagating rice:

Hydraulic cement:
Video: What is hydraulic cement.

Trenching with compressed air:
Video: Example of an 'air spade' trenching tool.

Hive Community Resources!

A Community For Homesteading:

Supporting Hive Gardeners:

Hive Gardening
A community dedicated to all the gardeners in the world:

A blend of hive and agriculture:

Agricultural Mindset
A supportive Community that brings about gardening, homesteading, farming,animals and related articles:

Succulent growers
For those who love to grow cacti and succulent plants:

Natural Medicine
For Alternative Health Bloggers:

Home Edders
For those home educating and home educated:

DIY community on Hive:

DIY Community on Hive:

Together we're making your world a better place:

Elevating Architecture and Design with Hive:

Inner Blocks
Focused on all aspects of life. Real Lives-Real Experiences:

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Wow... These are all quality materials that can help every homesteading member, especially that dam and reservoir building @johndoer123.

Thank you for this great and quality collection.


You are welcome. It is a work in progress so check back to see how it evolves.



A very useful reference for all of us, sharing knowledge about each other's expertise which is very useful to increase our insight about everything.


after I read and listened to what you wrote or what you explained this time,, it's quite impressive,, all the materials are all related to our daily life or environment,, thank you very much for providing very important information ,, and your explanation is quite clear and detailed enough,, as well as the way the explanation is in my opinion is very gentle and wise enough....... once again I thank you for the information.... good health always my friend.... ..


You are quite welcome and thank you for the kind words.


Oh mine these are so insightful and helpful materials you've listed here.

Am blessed to be a part of these family, looking forward to making good use of them

Thanks so much.


This is lovely, the materials will help us homesteaders as we put up our own content. Weldone bro