The Perks of Being a Nobody: Embracing the Simple Life


Don't be ashamed to be a nobody. Being a nobody is not that bad. You might not be well-known, but who cares? Not everyone is born to be famous, and you must learn to accept that reality.


Disclaimer: I'm not saying that being a nobody is better than being famous, nor that being famous sucks. These things written here are also just my opinion and may not be the opinion of other people.


I'm just an average citizen in society. I don't get that special treatment when I go to places, unlike those people who have something to brag about. People can't see a good personality just by looking at them. That's why most of the time, we are initially judged on how we look, what we wear, how we speak, and who we are with.

Although the topic is subjective, in real life, you can observe that people who are average don't get the same attention or treatment that is given to people who have an aura and projection that they are somebody.

What is a nobody?

A nobody is an average person that we see in our daily lives, someone whom society doesn't usually give a second look. Sometimes, it's as if they don't even exist. These are the people whose voices aren't really heard much by society.

Photo by Chien Nguyen Minh on Unsplash

Many of us don't want to be a nobody. Society has influenced us to believe that if you're a nobody, life will be difficult for you because nobodies are treated poorly, unlike well-known people.

That is why many people try their best every day to be noticed by others. They try to make an impact in this world by being different, flaunting their wealth, beauty, and many other things to make themselves stand out.

How to know if you're a nobody

Although this is subjective because some average people think that they are somebody, and some well-known people act like they are a nobody.

Characteristics of a Nobody:

  • They don't think that they are greater than anyone else.
  • They don't act as if they have power and control over things and situations.
  • They don't ask for high respect and special privileges.
  • They don't get offended when their ideas are contradicted.

If you are someone who doesn't have these characteristics, it's either you are somebody or you are acting like a somebody.

What are the advantages of being a nobody?

Many of us might not notice, but being an ordinary citizen has some advantages in life, and here are a few of them.

Without the attention that comes from being known, an ordinary citizen can enjoy a greater level of privacy and space.

Society doesn't have many expectations for nobodies. They don't care if they win or fail in life. As a result, an ordinary citizen doesn't have the kind of pressure to perform or achieve great things in life.

Kind Treatment
This is not always the case, but I have noticed that many people tend to be kinder to nobodies. Although in some cases, people tend to be arrogant towards us, yet some people will still treat us with kindness and protect us.

Being a nobody develops humility. I've noticed this with many people who are nobodies like me. We tend to appreciate and enjoy the small things in life. Many average people are humble and respectful towards others. You will see this by talking to them; they don't act proud and are very good listeners.

Government's Attention
Government projects are mostly centered on average people. The government knows that average citizens are having a hard time in their life, so they focus on developing projects that mostly fits people like me, like health and learning projects.

You might say that government projects are for everyone, but I tell you, they're not. There are many projects that only average and below-average people can qualify for, of course, this will vary depending on your country or city.

I don't know about your country, but in my country, if you are an average or below-average citizen, you get a lot of perks from the government.


Being labeled as a nobody is also subjective. We might think that we are a nobody, but in the eyes of others, we are somebody. Or we might think that we are somebody, but in the eyes of the majority, we are nobody.

Regardless of whether you are a nobody or a somebody, always remember that status doesn't define your happiness or who you really are. What matters is the values you have in life and how you live based on universal good values.

Since the world is like a wheel and no one knows their future, in case I become famous by accident in the future, I will still try my best to live as an average citizen of my country.


Originally posted at my blog : Life Snags