Reason why I am still holding on to My Splinterlands Account inspite of asset value falling down


We all know that the market value of DEC and Splinterlands cards has been falling these past weeks.


I have seen many people in the small Splinterlands community that I have built are starting to sell their DEC holdings and Card Assets.

Even though I am trying my best to avoid FUD in my community, I cannot control 8,500 players.

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Splinterlands Unofficial Philippines


Before I continue any further, I would like to say that I am not a Crypto or NFT analyst and THIS IS NOT A FINANCIAL ADVICE, I'm just an ordinary guy sharing his thoughts about the game. I also would like to inform you that my English is not good so I might type something which for me has a different interpretation.

My Splinterlands Journey

I Started playing Splinterlands last year, around July 2021. I have also managed to build a small community with at least 8,500 members and a group chat to support its members who have questions regarding the game.

I did this not because the game is in the hype and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I did this because at last! There is a game that ordinary people like me can afford. Only a few people in the Philippines know about the game at that time. So many people ignored the idea that this game will be something big. ( I guess they're now regretting their words)

I continue building my small Splinterlands community and tried to help people by posting Helpful topics on my Youtube Channel which I also built the same month I started playing Splinterlands.

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I don't do Crypto Topics anymore, I am trying to change my Niche to Drawing and art because I am planning to be a Webtoon Artist in the Future.

Lo Den's Thoughts

But now that the game seems like falling because of DEC's continuous downward movement and Card values depreciating, Why am I still holding my assets?

(The truth is I have sold some of my assets, not because of the market falling, just because I needed money last month :) )

Is it because I love the game? or Is it because It hurt my pride to admit that the game that I have promoted so much seems to come near its end (I don't think it's near its end)?

The Reason

The reason why I like this game is that I think the developers of this game are smart. I am not boosting any ego here but I think they really are.

The guys behind Splinterlands knows how to make projects that impact market demand.

When they told the players that there will be an SPS airdrop, and DEC is the main element for the airdrop, players started holding DEC.

When players learned that Cards can also be used as an airdrop, they started holding on to their cards.

Some players in my community even buy tokenize untamed and dice packs for bigger airdrop points if they happen to snatch a legendary card.

When they said that a voucher is needed so that when you buy Chaos packs you will be eligible for a Card airdrop, players started holding and staking SPS to earn vouchers( I am one of them ).


I cannot list all of the reasons why I think Splinterlands Devs are good with their job.

I am sure that before Quarter 3, players will start to hold SPS again because of the Rifter pack ( I am also excited about this).

Is it still worth Holding DEC and SPS?

Now for DEC airdrop, I tried to compute the amount that a player will earn if he will hold DEC today until the last airdrop. You are free to correct me if I am wrong.


The value of DEC today in pesos is 0.09
If you will hold 100,000 its total value is Php 9,000
This 100,000 DEC will earn at least 864 SPS till the end of the airdrop
864 SPS value in pesos assuming the market will stay at Php6.00 is Php 5,184

Now let us assume that in the 113 airdrop days, DEC value drops down to Php 0.05 which gives your 100,000 DEC holdings value a total of Php5,000

Initial Value of 100,000 DEC at 0.09 = Php9,000
New Value of 100,000 DEC at 0.05 = Php5,000
Loss = Php 4,000
Gains from SPS = Php 5,184
Total Asset Value = 10, 184
Yield = 1,184
Voucher Yield = ?

Your investment will still yield Php 1,184 and that is 13% additional money.

Let's say you're a pessimist and you think that SPS will also drop. Even if DEC goes down to Php 0.05 and SPS goes down to Php 5.5 you will still have a total DEC and SPS value of Php9,752 =8% more money.

What's good is if it holds its value to the same value when you bought it. You now have Php 14,184 that is 57.6% yield in just 113 days. What's even better is if SPS started growing its value.

Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong with my analyzation.

I only have a few SPS staked in my account but every day I am buying a few because I can feel that something big is going to happen with the transition.


I am saying transition because of my gut feel not because I know something that you guys don't. I don't know anything about what these guys are thinking maybe I am wrong but who knows.

For other players out there who share the same ideas as me, let's just hold on, Trust the devs. Don't sell your cards I've already made that mistake last year.

Lately, I have only been playing in Bronze because I needed some cash and sold some of my cards.
Now I only have 8,805 power but still planning to buy cards again until It reaches Silver League before the market takes off. The truth is I think what is happening right now is more of an opportunity for people with small capital like me to grow their asset)


In my next post, I will tell you a story about why you need to grow your Card Asset.


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Thank You Words

Thank you for taking your time to read my post
For a guy who lives in a third world country, the assets I am holding now is already considered big, but I am not scared. I also would like to tell you that I don't like gambling, in short - I don't think I am risking my money here.

If somebody from Splinterlands Dev Team accidentally stumbles on my post. Thank You very much for Developing Splinterlands! More Power!


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Let's say you're a pessimist and you think that SPS will also drop.

SPS is already dropped. I remember when it was around $0.90 USD. Nowadays it is around $0.10 USD. Hopefully it will not drop down further. I also hope that it will even go up after the end of the SPS airdrop.

I am still staking all of my SPS. I have not sold any SPS so far, and I am not planning to sell any SPS until the end of the SPS airdrop either.


I think it will go up. Me too! Not planning to sell SPS.


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I am moving my DEC into cards. The card values are declining also, but I can at least offset the decline with rental income. CP qualifies for SPS, but I haven't compared to see if the CP purchased with DEC generates the same SPS return. I think it is more of a personal preference that I like to see the rental income and I can use the DEC to bid on cards that I like. Thanks for an informative article. DEC is below .002 today. Looks like we are headed for the peg!


Nice Sir! Hoping for more informative blog! Keep it up!