Positive Development (Freewrite Challenge)


Source: Pixabay

Sharon has no idea why Gary suddenly stopped communicating with him. Whenever they see each other in the company building where they both work, it's as if Gary didn't see her. That's the first time Sharon was heartbroken. She found out from a friend who's close to Gary about his reason why she stopped communicating with her.

Back to Kelly, she has dated Xerxes, who became his partner in a project. A positive development was formed between them. Eventually, they became sweethearts, and has been together after all the years. While Maggie has dated a number of guys but she decided not to get into such relationship. She also focused on her job as well as establishing a company along with some business partners.

Betty has also dated a number of guys after his breakup, and focused on her work. For her, career has become more important, and she became successful considering her skills and her commitment to her craft.