Opportunity (Freewrite Challenge)


Source: Pixabay

He rarely gets sick except GERD or hyperacidity whenever it was triggered. The family often relies on him, a very responsible man. He is married to a caring wife. Provides well for his family, and a good friend too.

When he heard about a free Covid vaccination, he took the opportunity to get one. After the vaccination, he was advised to take a rest, and better isolate because transmission of the virus would be faster. He didn't listen, and went to work.

He got infected with COVID, and it's severe. He found out that 14 of his workmates got positive of Covid too. It started from one of his workmates, passed on to the others which includes him.

While battling with Covid, he had negative thoughts he won't survive. His friends and family encouraged him that he'll be one of the recoveries. Eventually, he survived.