Grab a Mug (Freewrite Challenge)


Source: Pixabay

She woke up early around 5am. Everyone from her family relies on her to prepare everything including their meals. Her in-laws are living in their house yet they don't contribute anything like they're queens, and foods are served to them.

She rather keep mum instead of creating tension with her brothers or in-laws. Mornings aren't always good for her because she have to wait for her brothers to buy ingredients for their breakfast, hence they're late to eat their breakfast.

Her stress relievers are her gardens and pets. If only she has a choice to leave their house but the COVID pandemic is still there. She can't make her move. She has to wait until the pandemic is over.

Sitting on her chair in the morning thinking about her situation. Instead of stressing herself, she decided to grab a mug of coffee. Yes, it's a mug not a cup because she is a coffee addict.