Evacuate (Freewrite Challenge)


Source: Pixabay

Kelly fell in love with Gary being formerly workmates. They're very much in love to each other, and Gary has treated her like a princess. They had business together, and it thrived with the help of Kelly's bestfriend, Maggie.

On their first year as sweethearts, it seems Kelly and Gary's relationship is getting stronger. They even planned of getting married, while Maggie is very supportive on their relationship.

Time came when Kelly noticed the changes on Gary. He's not as sweet as he used to. She found out he is flirting with another girl but Gary is good at convincing, Kelly forgave her. But it happened a number of times, and the last woman Gary has flirted with is Betty, a friend and a workmate of them.

Kelly decided to breakup with Gary. They're still workmates, and try to be civil with him. Despite Gary's desire to get back to her, she's now firm not to reconcile with him. She even declined Gary's offer to assist them when they're about to evacuate to the hotel when flood affected their place.