Botanicals (Freewrite Challenge)


Source: Pixabay

As Kelly decided to break up with Gary, Betty decided to avoid Gary as well. Kelly became happier being single, while she and her bestfriend, Maggie, do visit different parts of the world. They also focused on their respective jobs. Kelly and Maggie even had projects together, as well as setting up a business which they called "Botanicals".

Betty also found the guy who became her boyfriend, and had a good relationship at that time. However, they eventually broke up and found another man, who became her boyfriend for a long time.

Gary has dated a number of women but those are just flings. Until she met Sharon, whom he had a project together. He courted and dated her but Sharon's mother is extremely strict. Gary was used to capturing a woman's heart easily and Sharon fell in love with him. But Gary couldn't keep up with Sharon's mom, thus he stopped communicating to Sharon, who tried to reach out to him.