Bird of Paradise (Freewrite Challenge)


Source: Pixabay

Walking in the street so clean, with beautiful houses around, and not so close. There goes the mountains with water falls to the river. The water flowing is crystal clear, and I splashed my hand, then get some water and drank, it tastes good.

Fields are green, no pollution. Trees are producing so much fruits to harvest. Locals will smile at you. Stores are open without an attending watcher. You pay by yourself, honesty is a must. Beautiful birds are freely flying. There's one which approach me, for me its a bird of paradise. Yes, I describe the place as a paradise.

Wondering where I am? I'm in Switzerland. The land with beautiful landscapes similar to paradise. You will forget any tiredness and problems. There's glow in the eyes, and smile over my face. I even told myself that it's not a dream. That must be the happiest moment until suddenly, I woke up. There's a bird of paradise flower in my window.