PrimeServer Pro - The 100% climate-neutral server with unique features


Did you know that we not only manufacture climate-neutral Mini-PCs, but also climate-neutral servers? Find out more about our PrimeServer Pro, and what makes it unique, here:

☁ Even in the time of cloud storage and #cloudcomputing, it still makes sense for companies to operate their own servers.

🔒 The most important advantages are complete control and independence. Many companies prefer to store the most confidential data locally for reasons of security and data protection.

✔️ The PrimeServer Pro offers all the usual features of a standard server, but the fanless design provides additional benefits. The PrimeServer Pro is completely silent, dirt and dust resistant and delivers superior reliability versus conventional #servers.

💬 Simon Wegmüller from the Redaktion Swiss IT Magazine / Swiss IT Media GmbH said:
“The primeserver pro convinces almost all along the line in the test. Especially, the fanless design and silent operation are exciting and offer new, innovative application possibilities.”

👉 Visit the link at the top, to learn more about the PrimeServer Pro, its special features, and use cases.

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