I'm Right On, The Show, with Black Eye Butterfly

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Welcome everyone to my first episode of I'm Right On!!

I am very, very excited to share with you, with permission, music by, none other than these amazing, amazing, super talented artists.

The Stick Up Boys
The Turtle Project
and a
winkandwoo / nakedverse collaboration

You won't believe your ears when these 3 songs get inside your brain..

Unless, of course, you have heard these beauties before.. Then it'll be, "Oh yeah.. I can't get enough of these tunes"

You may or may not get a kick out of the skits in between lol.. I like them haha

The show will be supporting music from nfttunz https://app.nfttunz.io/
and also Emanate https://emanate.live/listen
My justification is basically the artists that get played either get a little crypto or have a chance to sell some nft's
I think that is a very important part of this whole shimozzle as we grow to love these artists and we know their music takes a lot of hard work to create..

Look these guys up... Enjoy their music.. become a fan.. and of course, support them.

So, if you want to submit one for consideration, leave it in the comments , this week.. I'll have a submissions link soon..

basically, no hate stuff, no vulger stuff and under or around 5 mins for now as I'm trying to keep the show close to a half hour..
I play 3 Songs per show..

One last thing

I'd like to thank theturtleprojcet , nakedverse, Joanne, littlebeb, Emb, and the skidmarkman for helping me work out the bugs so we could have a nice , smooth show
Thanks guys.. very much :)

You are all "Right On"

So, yeah... Kick back and enjoy the show..

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Nice one bro, thanks for including us, just watching it all now!


Thanks for being in my very first show :)