Let's Come to Visit In My Agricultural Farm Of Sesame, Sugarcane & Cotton ,Some Health Benefits



Date: June 24,2022.

Hello Hivers & Farmer's I hope you are all doing well and great and enjoying your fantastic day.Today I am going to write very interesting and informative blog on my agricultural farm and its crops its just like a visit & now I am going to start.

Let's Start:

Farming is very old profession and it requires more hard work and it plays very vital role in the economy of each country as Pakistan is agricultural country and its economy totally depends upon agricultural production.
We are growing almost every kind of crop in our agricultural farm.Each crop is cultivated and harvested according to suitable season.In this season we are growing Sesame, Cotton, Rice, Maize and Sugarcane crops in our farm and we are using different fertilizers for the growth and to enhance production. Fertilizers plays very vital role in the growth of crop.Here a pictorial view of my agricultural farm is shown below:

(Pictures are captured by me)

Sesame Crop:

Sesame crop requires less hard work and also requires less expenditure for its cultivation to ripening.Sesame plants length is different according to the hybrid varieties.Many sesame plants are 3to 4 feet and some hybrid varieties plants height is 4 to 5 feet.For sewing we just plough the soil and then spread the seeds of sesame in the soil.Then after 15 fays we just fill the surface of soil by water through irrigation remember it requires less amount of water so just the roots of plants becomes wet . Sesame flowers looks very beautiful and spreads fragrance in the farm .Sesame leaf's are 1 inch to 2 inch long and its buds or sesame nods are about 1inch .Here sesame plants are shown below:

(Picture is captured by me)

Some Health Benefits Of Sesame:

There many health benefits of sesame:
(1): Sesame are very beneficial for the growth and health of hairs
(2): Sesame enhance beauty and glow of face smoother the human skin reduces the age spots.
(3): Sesame is also beneficial for the health of teeth.
(4):It protect human being from cancer .
(5): Sesame reduces the fungal infection of human body that's why used in anti fungal medicines and once fallen victim of fungus and doctor recommended me sesame eating.
(6): Sesame are also beneficial for human bones and for human brain.

(Source: unsplash.com free images site)

Sugarcane Crop:

Sugarcane crop is time taking crop as it requires one year for ripening.For the purpose of sewing we uses sugarcane parts in easy words each sugarcane is dividend in subparts about 1 to 2 feet long and then placed on the surface of soil and covered with dirt.After that it requires water for germination.Sugarcane crop requires more water.we uses different fertilizers for the growth like DAP,Urea, Nitrogenous fertilizers, different poisons and sprays for killing the insects.Here a pictorial view:

(Picture is captured by me)

Some Health Benefits Of Sugarcane:

Eating sugarcane and drinking if sugarcane juice is beneficial for human health:
(1): Sugarcane juice enhance the immunity of body.
(2):It is very beneficial for digestion process.
(3):It is also beneficial for fatty people's and maintain the weight.
(4): Sugarcane can juice is beneficial for protection of teeth and make stronger.
(5): Drinking sugarcane strengthen the human bones.
(6): Helpful for boosting the energy level.
(7): It prevents from cancer.

(Source: unsplash.com free images site)

Cotton Crop:

Cotton crop requires more effort for its germination to growth.For growing cotton crop we first of all sews cotton seeds in small canals filled with water.Cotton seeds start germination without 3 to 5 days and it takes 5 to 6 months for ripening.Like other crops we uses different fertilizers for the growth of cotton plants.Cotton plants height is 4 to 5 feet and its leafs are 2 to 3 inches long.By the pollination it grew flowers and then flowers converted into buds and buds produces cotton fibers.Pictorial view is shown below:

(Picture is captured by me)

Uses Of Cotton:

There are many uses of Cotton:
(1): Cotton is used for making medical bandages for covering wounds.
(2):It is also used for the formation of of cotton nets to protect the human life from mosquitoes.
(3):It also used for making clothes and garments like Shirts,Jeans.
(4): It is also used for making beds matrices.

(Source:unsplash.com free images site)

Maize Crop:

If you want to read about maize crop then a Link is below:
Here in link a Pictorial view of fully grown Maize

Rice Crop:

Here a link about rice crop :https://peakd.com/hive-140635/@isq/how-to-sew-or-grow-rice-seedling-some-quarantine-requirements-transplantation-to-rice-crop-cutting-process
This link is all about rice crop from germination to ripening.

Concluding Thoughts:

Farming profession is a profession which is playing very vital role in saving our lives and providing us a fresh vegetables, fruits and other daily life necessary things.Even it provides us fresh environment and green environment which is also beneficial for our morning walk as it freshen us . Working in the crops makes us stronger.

Thanks for reading my blog.. waiting for your positive response because it encourages me to write more Articles.


The feeling of raising a living being is beautiful isn't it?


Yes its beautiful and. thanks for your response 🌺


It's my first time seeing a cotton crop. I never thought it's like this.

I think I should consume sesame and sugarcane often to prevent cancer 😅