Waiting for Monarcas.


Hi guys, again I send you greetings from a distance, but quite close, I hope you are very well.

I wanted to share a bit of information regarding Butterflies, the Monarch Butterflies themselves.

As you know, before they become Butterflies, they have to go through the moment of radically changing their shape.


At home, there are a bit of 20 caterpillars enjoying the lodging of a plant, which if I had known, I would not have cut it but it was too late when I saw them.

A few years ago, I was in the habit of eliminating them, but now, among other things, I know that the Monarch butterfly is an iconic pollinator, and that it is also very beautiful.



In that season I met many, but, truth be told, not as many as I expected.

Do you know what the reason was?

It seems that after some of the caterpillars make their cocoons to go through the process, unfortunately some predators hunt them at that defenseless moment.

As you can see, they open small holes and thus finish the process sooner. Really bad



As I said, there are other variables that are seen.

And I said to myself in the detail that some of them don't even get to make if cocoon.

It is possible that the weather may interrupt their change, or that they simply cannot do it.

This picture shows how one of them was left in the middle.


Now I hope with good fortune to be able to spot other Monarchs, as there are still many larvae or caterpillars at home, and they have a good food base.

When I do, I will surely share.

Best regards to all.



Ismael D. Rodríguez

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