Celebrating an anniversary.


Helloa 👋👋

I wanted to share with you what my weekend has BEEN like, or at least today Sunday.

I got a call from some friends who were going to enjoy their anniversary, and they wanted me to play some music for them since they don't have how, so in exchange for spending a different Sunday, I came to enjoy their


In exchange for what?

Well, I love hallacas, which is one of the most typical foods of our country, and that is eaten only on these dates, and that I had not eaten for some time.

Besides that, a delicious cake and some other pastries.


Ahaha yummi ☺️☺️

As a side dish, a rich carrot salad and dad along with some cassava, and a glass of soda, was the special dinner, since I didn't want to cook today either, so it was exquisite.


What do you think?

This rich cake was inspired by a flower that the family grows, and it was the favorite of the married couple, a good job they did, don't you think?


40 years of married years!

Almost twice my age. And they look so happy.

To think of how many things these friends have seen, and how many things they have enjoyed.

They are very exemplary in the community and besides being respectful.

So that's how my weekend has been friends, I hope you have a wonderful time.

Best regards


Ismael D. Rodríguez

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