As more you throw away so comes back


Good day!
These days I am super excited by the projects that I am doing here on Hive. One of the biggest projects is @ecency-star.
But that is not really what I wanted to talk about... But maybe on one side, it is somehow connected to it.
So, I wanna ask you first, do you believe that if you throw away old or stuff that you don't use much away, then better things will come to you?

Personally, I do. But also, I don't like when my place is too overloaded. I like tidy and organized spaces.

I started throwing away a lot of clothes, books, etc while I was moving to a new place, and I didn't finish it yet. Ibh, it's not easy. On one side I have a lot of work, on another side, I am enjoying doing my own projects, and on the third, I need to unpack all my stuff in a new place I moved to.

I definitely need to improve my organizing skills!

Have a great day!

I just finished a yoga activity that lasted about 0hh:30mm:0ss !


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