Tutorial on how to make anime characters in animaker


Hello friends of the @TheAnimeRealm community wherever you are..
Greetings from me @ipolatjeh1988.
On this occasion I want to share a tutorial on how to make your own anime character.
Maybe all this time we have often reviewed other people's anime characters, in various anime films that we often watch.
Well, did you know that we can also make our own characters in the form of anime?
Therefore I want to share a little tutorial on how to make anime characters.

Alright friends, let's look at the tutorial on how to make anime characters below.

  • step to 1
    we open the web on google chrome and you type.
    And you will find the image display as below.

  • step to 2.
    We must login to the animaker account that we have registered, if you have not registered please register first using either your Google or your Facebook account.

  • step to 3
    After you login, you will get an image like the one below.

  • step to 4
    Click create and select create a chracter.!

  • step to 5
    After you select create a character, you will see an image like the one below and you just have to choose a male or female character of your choice.IMG_20211117_080148.jpg

  • step to 6
    After you choose a character, you will be brought to the image display as below, and you are required to choose various characters according to your wishes.
    Look at the red column in the image below, and I chose a color to change the appearance of the character's face.IMG_20211117_101437.jpg

  • step to 7
    Memilih karakter rambut.IMG_20211117_080903.jpg

  • step to 8
    Choose face characterIMG_20211117_081101.jpg

  • step to 9
    Choose facial hair characterIMG_20211117_081440.jpg

  • step to 10
    Choose eye characterIMG_20211117_081610.jpg

  • step to 11
    Choose eyebrow character

  • step to 12
    Choose nose character

  • step to 13
    Choose lip character

  • step to 14
    Choose ear character

  • step to 15
    Choose frown lines character

  • step to 16
    Choose smile lines character

  • step to 17
    Choose outfit uniform character

  • step to 18
    Choose glases character

  • step to 19
    Choose headphone character

  • step to 20
    Choose neckwear character


  • step to 21
    Choose mask character

  • step to 22
    After you shape all the characters according to your choice, then you have to save the image.

And this is the final result of the anime character creation process.


After you see the steps for making anime characters, of course it's very easy isn't it, just do it according to your imagination to get satisfactory results.

This is my entry for the @OCD contest highlighting the Anime Realm Community! If you like anime, please visit the community.
That is all and thank you.