Monomad : Skipper and dragonfly insect hunting

Here's my entry for the daily #monomad challenge hosted and curated by @monochromes.

Hello everyone how are you today, I hope you are all doing well.
A few days ago I was exploring a small forest not far from my house, my goal was to take pictures of various types of insects, but without feeling the weather was a little cloudy it might rain, not long after I finally arrived at my destination.
I went around the forest area with friends, usually when photographing macro objects I only use a smartphone camera with an additional macro lens that I attach to my mikik cellphone.
It didn't take long for the end of my first shot to focus on one of the insects called the dacota skipper or known by the scientific name Hesperia dacotae.

dacota skipper




This skipper almost resembles a butterfly but he is another type, but ordinary people still call him a small butterfly.
After I managed to take a picture of the skipper, then I explored the other forest areas and none of the prey targets were visible, the day was getting darker and the raindrops were already falling..
When I decided to go home, I suddenly saw a dragonfly relaxing standing on a dry branch.





I slowly approached the dragonfly and took out the phone with the macro lens that I had put in my bag, I hoped the dragonfly didn't fly.
And finally I managed to take a few shots of the dragonfly image and the results you can judge for yourself.
The rain had started to fall so I had to go back home by riding my motorbike.
And the story is over.

This is my entry for today's #monomad challenge, I hope you are all entertained with pictures and short explanations from me.
That's it and thank you