Enjoy the view of the Lancok Beach and Reservoir in the city of Lhokseumawe


Hello everyone, on this occasion let me share the story of my short trip to Lancok Beach and the reservoir, today I visited 2 different places,
My first discussion was directed to Lancok Beach.
Lancok beach is a tourist spot in my area, where the beach is in the city of Lhokseumawe.
The distance from the location where I live is about 5km or 20 minutes away by motorbike.

beach atmosphere

Lancok beach is known as a clean beach area, so many visitors come to enjoy the beautiful natural panorama.
Not only local residents who visit the beach, even from outside the area there are also those who come to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the lancok beach.

parking area

When I arrived at the beach location, I parked my motorbike and entered the beach area.

rangkang mie bieng apanoh lancok


The Lancok beach location is known as crab noodle food or we call it by the term (Mie Bieng apanoh Lancok)
After entering the beach area, then I booked a table facing directly to the sea, the comfortable atmosphere made me very happy to release a little stress that was in my mind.

fresh young coconut ice

IMG_20211127_164059.jpgEnjoying young coconut ice is indeed very suitable for the atmosphere on the beach, the sweet taste will certainly feel very fresh.

the view from the inside

Not so many visitors who come to the location, maybe I didn't come on weekends, so only a few people came and sat while enjoying eating crab noodles.
But my goal is not to see a crowd of people but to enjoy the beautiful natural panorama.




The clean beach atmosphere makes me want to take a walk on the beach while enjoying the beauty of Lancok beach, and from a distance I can see fishing boats parked lined up on the beach.
After enjoying the view of the beach and the coconut water, I finally decided to go to the second location, namely the Pusong reservoir in the city of lhokseumawe.

grasshopper island/darut island

The distance from Lancok beach to the Pusong reservoir is about half an hour drive.
When I arrived at the reservoir location, I saw so many visitors who came to relax and chat with each other with friends and family.


Seen across the street there are many chairs and tables that are arranged quite neatly, these tables and chairs are provided for visitors who come to the location.




I sat at the cafe located at the location of the reservoir, while looking at the amazing natural beauty.
From my surprise, I saw that there was an island and this island was known as the island of grasshoppers or the island of Darut.
From a distance I saw many community activities taking place, some were bathing, some were playing with small boats, they looked very happy.
I really enjoyed this view and I also didn't want to forget the moment and I just took every picture with my cell phone camera.
Here are some pictures on the island of grasshoppers or the island of Darut.

view of grasshopper island or darut island







In the afternoon there are many activities of residents relaxing on the edge of the reservoir, there are also those who relax on bicycles.

The day was getting late, but the residents were still relaxing on the edge of the reservoir, I saw a fisherman fishing around the reservoir, I don't know what fish they were fishing either, and I took a picture of them..

I spent the whole day walking around enjoying the atmosphere of the lancok beach and the reservoir, and this felt very happy.
That's my short trip today, enjoying the beauty of Lancok beach and the city of lhokseumawe reservoir, hopefully this post can keep you all entertained with the display of pictures and reviews of my short story today.

Greetings to the admin of the founder of the @Haveyoubeenhere community who has developed this community very well.
Regards: @ipolatjeh1988


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