Understanding times and seasons in life

Hello Cent community! It's amazing to be in your midst and a time to share thoughts that are relevant to us and livelihood.

Everything about life on planet earth works within the ambiance of time and season and one's ability to understand how they work, gives the individual an edge over others.



Seed time and harvest
Even the Holy bible says that as far as the earth remains, seed time and harvest will not seize. This is based on natural laws of cultivation. This means that you have to follow the latest down principles of planting during the planting season in order to harvest during the harvesting season.

This palance is also used in describing the seasons in the cryptoverse with seed time representing the bear season, while the bull season represents the harvest.

Currently, we're experiencing dip seasons in the cryptoverse and everyone is required to work according to the season with extreme care. Many have invested wrongly during dip seasons and they reaped nothing in return. The season is meant to gather as much as one can to enable the individual to become comfortable in the next season.

How do I understand times and seasons?

  • ask questions. Many have failed in life's journey, because they didn't ask questions were necessary. What this means is that, there are many experienced people ahead of you in life and asking them the right questions will help you avoid the same mistakes they made in life.

Many young and inexperienced people believe that they know everything in life. Even on hive some newbies, behaves as if they know all things, until they start making unnecessary mistakes on the platform.

  • don't follow the weather. A lazy man will also use the cloud to judge the day. A man who looks at the weather conditions and sees a thick cloud will not go to the farm. This is actually a proverb where I come from and it means that making excuses for every situation will keep an individual in abject poverty.

  • make adequate plan to incorporate every seasons of your life.