How Do You Care For Your Personal Computer?

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I'm your computer engineer and friends and I drop some daily tips on how to care for your computer inorder to avoid unnecessary spending of funds in the name of repairs.

In this guide, I want to drop some tips on how to care for the components of the computer. If you can care for these components, then you have cared for the computer itself.



What is a computer?
An electronic machine that works on the principle of accepting data, processing data and giving out the result as information is termed a computer.

Is that clear?
It accepts data via it's input device. The data is then processed and stored via the processing and storage device. Then the result is brought out as an output. This is done with the aid of output device.

Caring for the computer components.

There are three components of the computer. They are namely.

Hardware component.
Software component.
People ware component.

Hardware component
They are the components of the computer that can be seen touched and carried about. E.g mouse, keyboard, casing, and processor, ram. As long as you can see those components and touch them in the computer, they are called hardware.


How can we care for the hardware?

-Replace faulty component such as the mouse, keyboard, processor, RAM, e.t.c. Facilities to repair them are not available in Nigeria.

-Component like the system unit should be maintained regularly.

-Use of soft clothing to cover the computer is essential. To protect it from dust and dirt's.

-Avoid eating in the computer room.

-Ensure the computer room is well ventilated.

-Do not keep water close to the system unit.

Software component
They are those components of the computer that cannot be seen and touched. They are components that instruct the computer on what to do and how to carryout operations. They are software, programs .


How to care for the software component

-Install antivirus in your computer. Should Incase you download a resource from the internet, after downloading ensure you scan the system for virus.

-Update software regularly.
Regular software is essential for your computer when the need arises.

People ware component
They are the users of the computer. They are upto five users of the computer.

-Computer Engineers.
-System analyst.
-Computer educators.
-Computer programmers.

-Computer engineers- they are people that specialize in repair of computer including replacement of it's faulty parts.

-System analyst - they suggest recommended ideas in the design structure of the computer.

-Computer educators- they are people that teaches computer in schools and colleges. They educate people about the use of the computer.

-Computer programmers
They write code or software for the computer to function.

Caring for the people ware component

-Avoid walking bare foot in the computer room.

-Ensure the computer room is properly carpeted.

-Use enerchi diffuser when operating the computer - the computer system usually emit rays that is dangerous to the health. That is why you have to ensure the computer room is well ventilated.

Enerchi diffuser will eliminate the rays from harming your body.


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This guide has been essential in knowing methods to care for the computer component such as the hardware, software and people ware.


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