People of Great Heritage in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria


Who are Uruan people

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Uruan is one of the local government area in Akwa Ibom State, the South South part of Nigeria, which was created as far back as 1988 from Uyo local government area. Before the creation of Uruan nation has a local government area in Akwa Ibom State, Uruan people in the 13th century then there was nothing no entity like Akwa Ibom State. Hundreds of Uruan people, migrated through a different route joined their kindred in present Cross River State.

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Their migration originated from the waves East-Central and Southern Africa to Uruan Akpe in the area now called Idomi in the Rio del Rey near the Southwest Region of Cameroon and Cross River State border. They dwell there for centuries but the effect of first Batanga war which caused economic and social depression both in the region and other parts of the settlement caused the Uruan people migrated to a certain area in the Cross River Basin which is called Akani Obio Uruan in 8th century A.D. The river near the settlement was named Akwa Akpa Uruan which means "Mighty River of Uruan". At this settlement, Uruan people were frequently faced with floods especially in the raining season which caused them again to migrate to mainland area in the presence Akwa Ibom State now known Uruan Local Government Area.

Uruan people is one the ancient people who developed their own language which was derived from the proto-language. Proto-language is the language which is reconstructed by examining similarities in existing languages to try to deduce what a common ancestor language, no longer known, would have been like.
linguistically, proto-language is the early utterances produced by an infant before it acquires true language.

Uruan people worship a deity called "Atakpor". Atakpor is regarded female deity which acts as an intermediary which enable Uruan people to communicate with Almighty God called "Abasi". Meanwhile Atakpor was brought from the Southern Cameroons, with the believe that it is is the Great Mother deity associated with water.

Uruan was created as a local government area in Akwa Ibom state in 1988 which was integrated in Uyo local government area with land mass of 449 km2 with the estimated 164,000 population which has it's capital city at Idu.

The land of Uruan is in rain forest belt. It is blessed wildlife, raffia palm and timbers, with nutrients for cultivation of cassava and maize in mass production

It will interest you to know that Uruan people has an heritage known as:


  • Ekpe, they share this heritage with Efik people in Cross River State. Ekpe is a masquerade but it is very unique in appearance. Ekpe society is used in maintaining peace and order and also to regulate the laws and also used for entertainment in the Uruan. The Ekpe members are the highest grade members among Uruan people and they display a sign known as Nsibidi.


The understanding of this sign, which is the secret writing used in communication with the members show those that belong to the society. There are kind of Ekpe grades such as Nkanda, Nyankpe, Mbokko and Ibom.

*Meanwhile, Ekong (war) is another heritage in Uruan. It is a traditional warrior society used in encouraging bravery among men in Uruan nation.


This is an instrument for checking social illness and fostering peace and unity by providing security against external forces and peace within Uruan people. Among the heritage are Nka (Age-graded), Ebre, Nkugho (Fattening Home).

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