We Like The Music We Like!!!


With the fall of radio, we tend to go to our chosen streaming service (Spotify?, Soundcloud?, Deezer?) to listen to music nowadays.

This is great because mainstream radio has gotten terrible. They play the same songs over and over until they get in your head. No matter if they are any good or not.

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But, when we turn to our streaming service, a problem arises. We actually have to choose a song, or an artist, to start with. Herein lies the conundrum.

We will spend time trying to decide what we want to listen to right now. Hmmmm.... 🤔


And the usual result?????????

Finding A Song We Love and Playing It On Repeat!!!

No chance for music discovery. No chance for an old classic we forgot. Just the same song over and over again.
But at least it is a good one.

And it slaps EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.....



LOL! An amusing post indeed. I can relate with this though. I love listening to music while I go about my day. I do have a fave local radio station, but the songs can sometimes be the same daily. I don't mind though as I like quiet ones with little talks from the DJs. Thanks for the smile I got from reading your post.

Happy midweek!

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- @iamraincrystal - Moderator/Alive Video Master
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