Splinterlands Strategy - Winning The Low Mana Battles

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My love for #Splinterlands continues to grow. Been making time to play each and every day. But as I continue to grind and build up my card collection, there is one thing that continues to baffle and confound me.
(If you are not playing yet, check out Splinterlands HERE)

How Do I Win These Damn Low Mana Battles!


All excited to buy and get rewarded all these very useful cards BUT then I get a battle where I can barely use any of them 😪

So I took a day and started doing some experimenting and taking notes. Which cards in my deck with a low cost could be most useful and actually survive more than 1 attack?
HINT: There are not many!

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But I did find a couple lineups that worked quite well that I would love to share with you. (just do NOT use them against me!)

Strategy #1 - Life Splinter

For a Summoner, go with Mother Khala. She is only 3 Mana and gives that extra health boost that is HUGE when every hit counts.


The Chaos Knight is the heart and soul of this lineup. She takes a beating with her SHIELD ability limiting damage from melee and ranged attacks. Her 7 hit points between shield and health go far in low mana battles. Most attacks will be low potentially 1 melee which will not hurt her at all!

Dax Paragon is another great card here. Only costs 2 Mana. Has 3 Health which survives those cheap 2 point snipes, has 2 speed which beats those 1 speeders AND has magic. This helps defeat those pesky shields.

Obviously, a Soul Fiend, or any fiend for that matter, is huge in a low mana battle. Even if it is just to take a hit instead of one of your more useful monsters. I like to put him in the rear to protect from the cheap sneak attack.

In 12 mana battles you will have 1 mana left. Go with the Gargoya Scrapper. With 2 health and 2 speed he will be your best option to maybe get in a cheap hit. If not he will take a couple hits.

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(You can watch the full battle HERE) It is a WIN!

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Strategy #2 - Earth Splinter

For a summoner here, we are going to go with Obsidian. Yes, she does have that extra mana cost at 4 but more than makes up for it with her +1 magic buff.


The meat of this line up with be the Regal Peryton. At level 1 you get 6 Health and 5 Speed with 1 Magic attack. That attack gets boosted to 2 with the Obsidian magic buff. The key for the Peryton is that speed. He will normally dodge a couple attacks. That is big in these low mana battles.

Khmer Princess is another staple of low mana battles. At only 2 mana she slides into a lot of my Earth splinter lineups. But here she is perfect. Gets the buff to 2 Magic attack. With her 2 health she she hopefully will at least get a hit in before dying.

So in a 12 mana battle you have 1 more to spend. The only 1 mana I own in the Earth splinter is the Mycelic Morphoid. Nothing special but can take a hit and or 2 with his 2 health. We can place him upfront in this lineup because the rest of our monsters have Magic and can attack from anywhere. (I only recently heard the term 'meat shield' which is a perfect definition of Mycelic's use here.

In addition, if you own or rent a Fungus Fiend obviously you use him here too. Good for protecting the rear from sneaks.

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Put these 2 strategic lineups in your portfolio for when those dreaded low mana battles come up. Having a plan will always take away the stress of trying to guess on the fly.

*Good luck in your battles and please let me know if you have any other ideas or advice on winning these crappy wars.

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