Everyone loves military,of course, lots of people apply for military everytime while few is being picked.
I was once a lover of military mainly because of their uniforms and respect given to them by civilians, but there are lots of things more to it.

I would prefer para military a thousand times over military because of the importance they render.
Being a military man really entails alot, do we even know most military are now resigning from duty.

Yes, I had many friends in military, mostly in the army, but I could tell you 50% of them are dead 25% resigned, 25% are still there.

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That was what gave me the phobia for military, it's not easy to loose someone you love to the cold hands of death.
I am actually not discouraging anyone but I'm literally saying the reasons I would prefer para military over military.
Nevertheless am not underating their importance to the nation at large.

But I will prefer paramilitary a thousand times maybe because I had joined when I was at school, I joined the NSCDC(Nigeria security and civil defense corps).

Each and every para military has their purpose and their importance can never be understated,they all have a unique function to the community.
They might not be respectful like the military but they bring peace and justice within civilians.

Paramilitary are the moderators of human behavior in the nation,I love the fact that their duty is well stated and clear.
Nigeria as a case study has many paramilitary forces, which each and everyone of them has different function to operate.

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But if I were to pick one ,I would love to go for the Economic and financial crime commission (EFCC),they are in charge of any economic crime or any sort of financial crime, cybercrime, embezzlement and the likes. I love this paramilitary because of their non-tolerance for embezzlement of public fund or any form of fraud.

What I would like to be added to the paramilitary is reinforcement and increase in their wages and salaries.

More people should be recruited for more activeness and control over to curb the evil minded people.
Also increase in their wages or salary should also be put in place to acknowledge their existence and encourage them.


Well, the training some paramilitary go through are close to what the military has too. I know it is not easy to lose a loved one and even me, thus is one reason I can't join the military I don't want to die.. 😅😅