Midweek Talk : Better Mood | IAAC Year 2

I doubt if you remember my bitmoji last week. My mood wasn't the tops then, plus I have lots on my mind.

After last night's bit of drama on my post from yesterday, today turned out better in terms of mood. I think I ended my post abruptly. I thought of Mom and sadness was creeping in, so I took an exit and rested. It seemed to have worked. At times I realize I just needed a good cry. Life does go on... I have roles to fill so I try and focus on each role.

Cat mom role. I need to make sure to plan for the kitties' meals. I usually plan ahead as it's good for the budget. I not only need to purchase wet and dry food but also the litter sand for their litter boxes. I try to order ahead of time to take into consideration possible delayed deliveries.

Mom role. My ingredients for tonight's dinner (butter, minced garlic, 1/2 cup sprite soda). I'm cooking scallops for the first time. My daughter purchases the groceries biweekly. I do the meal prep most nights. Teamwork.

Those are just two of the roles I fill in daily. Yeah I got my hands full. My "me" time is just as sacred to me. It needs to be added to the equation.

I was testing my mobile cam. The camera wouldn't rotate and is stuck on portrait mode. I honestly do not recall what I did to make that so. 🤔🤔 I'll keep looking... One day at a time...

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Hi @iamraincrystal, Be kind to yourself. Greif takes time. Some days will go great and other days may be filled with some tears. Love that you and your daughter are together and share responsibilities in the home chores. Hope all your cats and kittens are well. See you around.


Thanks I needed that. Hope all is well with you and family. A strong support group is truly important esp these trying times. Glad I taught my daughter to be independent as she's growing up. She's a big help indeed. And yeah, never a dull moment with the cats around. They keep me busy most times 😂🤣