Drawing Daisies To Send Up To Heaven / RIP


🌼Daisies for their new beginnings after their deaths🌼

So many deaths' news this week. Somehow, the heart needs some strength. I had been on video calls with family and friends almost daily to ensure they were alright. None of us is able to attend their funerals due to strict SOP and travel restrictions (we are having 20k Covid19 cases daily) but here I am, sending my art daisies to them. One piece of art for each. I tried to match the color to their spirit world which I perceived.

Tool used for drawing and coloring: Oil Pastel & hand.


🔵August 9th, we received news from my dad that our uncle passed away. He is my dad's closest eldest brother whom they could confide to each other. He is sick due to Parkinson for sometime and had been staying at home with little immobility. Recently, he had fever, but before he could be sent to hospital, he passed on on his comfortable bed, at the side of his family. He is the most generous soul ever, did a lot of charities in his younger days, a hardworking husband and father. We will miss you forever. Tua Pek, please receive my blue daisies. Be merry up there. And continue to cheer us on.



🟣August 11th, my husband's friend passed away due to Covid19, he also had some underlying health issue. He had been the kindest soul according to my husband, always helped others who are in need, had become quite a pillar of strength to many church members. He left behind his wife, two young children and families. Suresh, please receive my purple daisies, from my husband and me, dance there, sing out loud there.


🔴August 12th, my aunt who was my mother's sister-in-law passed away due to lung cancer's radiotherapy's complications. Two months ago, she complained of consistent dizziness to the point of couldn't walk straight, hence admitted for tests to find out she already at late stage of lung cancer, had spread to the brain. She got worse with alot of side effects after radiotherapy for the time span of two months. She got struck by 3 times of seizures and epilepsy which put her into coma and life breathing support. She passed away 3 days after that. She had been a woman of valor, a great assistant to her husband and a humourous lady who turns all problems into laughter. Q Ngiong, please receive my pink daisies. Now you have no more suffering and no more sorrow, continue to laugh out loud and cheer us on.


Some believe death doesn't mean the end of life, it only marks the new beginning for them in another world. And daisies mean new beginning. Hence, I must draw these for them. In my spirit, I send the flowers to them. See you all again at Eternal Home.


Thank you for reading. Take care always. Stay bubbly joyful.


❤️Love from me❤️