Is there such thing as chimneys of love which shoot up love into the air so that the love element invades the whole earth, transforming people inside out, the evil ones become good, the disrespectful ones becomes respectful, so on and so forth? Perhaps it is just how I think but it exists only in the fantasy world.


Photo is taken from, captured by Annie Spratt

I do hope also there are chimneys of hope, spreading hope to the hopeless, helping the weak to find strength to continue to journey of life despite how difficult and challenging it is. I silently wish there are chinmeys of antidote to spray out the mist of cure for Covid19 so that our life can become normal again — we get to go out to breathe new fresh air, we get to travel to the beach, we get to go to the forest, etc.


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Of course, there are many chimneys from factories which emit smoke from factories production, causing our air to be polluted. The Earth is deteriorating as a matter of fact, but I also know human beings are trying to help to cure the Earth the best way they can.


Photo is taken from, captured by Harry Cao

If you are a chimney, what do you want to shoot out? Just a random thought as I type out these thoughts of mine.

Lastly, one important about chimney, is that on 25th December, Santa Claus will climb into your house via chimney to give you present, so make sure that night, you clear your fire place for him to land properly 😉. We do not have houses with chimney here because we are hot and humid all year, so we do not have fate with Santa. And, you know, I am jusy kidding for this last paragraph, in order to end with a lighter tone. 😜🌹


Photo is taken from, captured by Srikanta H. U




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