Bird of Paradise



Is something far yet near. It is Heaven in my eternity yet my Home in the now. It is a place I can't never comprehend how beautiful it is yet I somehow know it is going to be so beautiful. My thoughts and imagination can see it but my brain can't seem to fathom. When people say they feel like in paradise, means they are like in extreme happiness. It can be understood that paradise is a place one will love to go.

But, we are looking at bird of paradise. I know about bird of paradise as in the bird. The bird called bird of paradise. And I only found out about bird of paradise in the form of plant when I watched Hi-5 show with my boys with the theme "Nature". How lovely. Both are named the same. But exactly different thing. Same same, but different.

I went to look it up at websites and found out just how gorgeous the plant was. Today, I decide to draw it based on a reference photo. My drawing isn't the best. And it hardly depicts the true beauty of bird of paradise but I had fun coloring it.

My own art, editted using Snapseed app

I love to draw without pencil, meaning I straight away use to tool and start drawing plus coloring at the same time. The tool here is the usual standard oil pastel. I was captivated at the beauty of nature. Nature always has its own way to calm and soothe the soul within. It is like calling us to inform that in the midst of chaos, beauty prevails.


However, I still love to look at various photos captured by the professionals. One of them will be shared below.


Photo is taken from, captured by Michael Pfister

Well, I am literally in paradise now. That's how I always felt after I did an art. I hope you are as colourful as the bird of paradise, whether the bird or the plant.




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❤️Love from me❤️


It truly is a beautiful plant, one of my favourites. My absolute favourite though is the Mexican Birds of Paradise which is absolutely stunning. I like your drawing, I think you captured the colors very well.