Hyperion Ezyro - Wordpress on Hive

Hyperion used to be a Wordpress blog hosted on Ezyro subdomain, that was using a Steempress plugin to re-publish blog posts from user's blogs on Steem individual blogs. In this way a person could have a separated blog and still get monetized on Steem.

Now, when we are on Hive platform and changed, Hyperion is going to use EXXP Wordpress-to-Hive plugin and do the same thing with a few modifications.

First, the Wordpress blog is set as a private website and crawlers are discouraged in order to give advantage to the Hive platform and content.

The reason behind this is simple, for now because a blog is too new to get monetized in a different way the best is to give priority to Hive which allows Hyperion content to be monetized.

This will avoid posting the double content on two different places. With time we may do something more with the website.

Second, the domain for this new HIVE blog is Pranz.eu but all content from it will be shared on HIVE @Pranz with HIVE links when we set up the hosting. So, we will post daily brief or something similar.

So, when that part is solved, we will share content specifically for Hive blogs while Pranz WP will remain private.

Custom domain and paid hosting are both needed for the things to run smoothly, because free hosting can turn into a nightmare.

Even when this profile will no longer publish curation links from that blog and that activity will be transferred to @pranz, @hyperion-ezyro will be maintained with the informative content about how to make something in or with the Wordpress and how to use Hive blockchain to monetize it.