Zeze driving.


... y sobre estar muy concentrados en la guia del vehículo.
...look carefully backwards and forwards to avoid accidents...
To guide correctly it is important to position yourself comfortably....

Zezé is our pet (poodle toy) and she is a real sweetheart, she is a member of the family and our love for her has no limits.

With her we have traveled many kilometers on our trip to Patagonia Argentina and during the same we have discovered, with my wife, that if there is something she likes to do is to rest her little hands on the steering wheel of the car as if she were driving.

She stays for long minutes in that direction looking through the windshield as if trying to discover a new and unknown world for her.

The photos are taken with the car stopped, of course, but it is clear that it gives her a special satisfaction.

Let's hope that one day she won't think of riding a motorcycle!

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Zezé es nuestra mascota (caniche toy) y es un verdadero encanto, es un integrante más de la familia y nuestro cariño por ella no tiene limites.

Con ella hemos recorrido muchos kms en nuestro viaje a la patagonia argentina y durante los mismos hemos descubierto, con mi esposa, que si hay algo que le gusta hacer es apoyar las manitos en el volante del auto como si conduciera.

Se queda largos minutos en esa dirección mirando a través del parabrisas como si tratara de descubrir un mundo nuevo e ignorado hasta ese entonces para ella.

Las fotos están sacadas con el automóvil detenido, por supuesto, pero se nora que le causa una especial satisfacción.

Esperemos que un dia no se le ocurra andar en moto!!


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For the technical detail of the photos I have used as background the Wallpaper designed by The Peak Studio to whom I thank for the kind and disinterested concession of use.

Para el detalle técnico de las fotos he usado como fondo el Wallpaper diseñado por The Peak Studio a quien agradezco por la gentil y desinteresada concesión de uso.

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