says NO‼️to Academics who want the state to raise your children


Below an excerpt out of an opinion piece by Joe Matthews, published on 13 January in Ventura Country Star and republished later in the San Francisco Chronicle.

“If California is ever going to achieve true equity, the state must require parents to give away their children. … My solution—making raising your own children illegal—is simple…”

Threats to families comes from different sources, like, Child Protections services, the courts, and now from academics like this Joe Matthews.

They are trying to

reshape our cultural worldview around their own distorted vision of the family. And through their attempts to reshape our nation’s cultural worldview, they hope to—in time—reshape the legal and political landscape in a way that forever destroys parental rights.

Other academics that threatened parental rights are Professor James Dwyer from William and Mary University, who said that parental rights come from the government when you received a birth certificate. If government gave it, government can take away as is happening through CPS.

Then Elizabeth Bartholet from Harvard University, that held the opinion that all children should go to state schools, so that all receive exactly the same education, and that private schools and homeschooling, should be illegal. This would serve the purpose of indoctrination of our children with their world views.

Parental have been fighting for parents
for the last 15 years on all the above threats and they are not giving up.


In December 2021, The Parental Rights Foundation, has been working with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), to get our model parental rights bill accepted into state legislation.

Section 1. The liberty interest of a parent in the nurture, education, care, custody, and control of the parent’s child is a fundamental right recognized by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of ___________.
Section 2. No agency or officer of this state nor any agency or officer of any subdivision of this state shall infringe fundamental parental rights except as provided by law narrowly tailored to meet a compelling governmental interest by the least restrictive means.

The good news was, that the model Bill was accepted unanimously, but the real work started then. We started to work with state legislators, introducing the model parental rights bill.
We followed the model that was used last year to successfully passed a very strong state parent's bill of rights in Florida.

Three other states where things are looking up are:

  • Pennsylvania intruduced parental the parental rights statute, S.B. 996, following Parentalrights model Bill. It will be scheduled for a meeting and a vote. They are hopeful that it will be passed.
  • In South Dakota, H.B. 1246 was introduced on 27 January 2022. It was heard in the House Judiciary Committee on 9 February. Will Estrada, president of ParentalRights was testifying in support of this bill. I will update on this at a later stage.
  • Lastly in New Hampshire, the statute, through, H.B. 1431 was introduced on 5 January 2022.

I am eagerly watching the progress in these states and supporting

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