Friday Evening in a Sunny Edinburgh City Centre

We had taken some friends to visit Edinburgh Castle yesterday at last entry, and on coming out the evening sun was shinning beautifully across the city.


With barely a cloud in the sky and long shadows being cast by the evening sun the city was looking fantastic (I'm biased - I love Edinburgh).


The building above is the closest residential property to the castle - and it commands quite a position high up in the centre of the city.


The church above is called the Tolbooth Kirk - and it stands at the top of the Royal Mile, which is an old city road that runs from the Castle down to Holyrood Palace.


We wandered down the royal mile, taking in the sights - it was quite busy, with people out on the town for a Friday evening.


St Giles Cathedral is one of the main attractions on the Royal Mile - its tower is modelled to look like the crown of Scotland.


And the Cathedral again, from another angle.


The Ghost Tour Bus was sitting waiting for passengers - we've not done it yet, but it looks like it should be fun !


Above is the entrance to the City Chambers.


And above is the headquarters of the Bank of Scotland - such a pretty building.


We took the wee passageway above down to Cockburn Street - the passageway is called Fleshmarket Close and its a shortcut down from the Royal Mile (there are a lot of them up and down the Royal Mile).


Cockburn Street was also looking lovely in the evening sun. These wooden seating areas were all constructed during covid lockdown, to allow people to eat and drink outside, while inside dinning was banned. I think they are great and I hope they keep them after covid finally leaves us.


The old town part of Scotland has beautiful buildings throughout - it really is a joy wandering around and taking it all in.


Further down Cockburn Street (pronounced co-burn), these set of steps take you back up to the Royal Mile - if you have the energy to take them !


The sun, blue sky and long shadows were really working to effect down in the city centre - here you can see the main lines leading into Waverly Train Station.


And above is the other side of the Headquarters of the Bank of Scotland, perched up on 'the mound' looking out over the city centre.


This building was flying the Ukrainian flag at the bottom of Cockburn Street - it was great to see this open support for Ukraine being displayed. I've seen quite a few around Edinburgh.


And Princes Street Gardens were still quite busy even though the sun was going down. It was one of the warmest evenings we've had this year.

We really enjoyed our wander around town - and it was lovely to see everyone out enjoying their Friday evening - all the best from Scotland, and I hope you all have a great weekend too !

I originally posted this on PublishOx a few hours before posting here (link).


Hello @hoosie

I must admit that I love architecture like this, the old sandstone buildings and especially churches - absolutely beautiful.

Weren't your feet really sore after all that walking?


Thanks for the comment. Edinburgh is quite a compact city, so we hadnt actually walked that far (only 2-3 miles in total) - although it can be awkward as a lot of the streets have cobbled roads


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