Craft Ideas: Make Roses From Used Straws


Handicraft is a work of art that can be done in spare time using used materials as well as simple items that can be turned into more useful ones. Often the material used to make handicrafts is in the form of used materials in the form of paper straws, cardboard bottles and so on. By utilizing unused used items, you can also make money and you can also do business with these materials because the results of handicrafts are made of natural materials. the former will be more beautiful and more satisfying.

Not only honing creativity in making handicrafts from used materials can also preserve the environment because used materials such as straws, bottles, paper, which take a long time to decompose can be processed and used in other forms.

Used items that can no longer be used can be processed into something useful, such as making flowers from used straws, used Aqua bottles, used glasses and also many other used objects that can be processed into useful and usable crafts.

I collect used straws that I want to use to make beautiful and beautiful roses to decorate the room. If there are used items such as Aqua straws, glass bottles, don't throw them away, just store them so that they can be used for various types of room decorations and other handicrafts.

Here I want to make a rose made from used straws but I also need some other materials to make these roses more beautiful and beautiful and the materials I need are as follows.

the ingredients

  • Water straw
  • iron binding wire
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Stick glue
  • Match
  • Kite paper
  • Ruler

Instructions for making

First cut the red straws 5 cm and 4 cm as much as 12 sticks of 5 cm and 12 sticks of 4 cm.

Then make flower petals, I curved the straw using scissors, the ruler can also bend until it runs out 4 cm and 5 cm.

After that, cut as much wire as needed. I used as many as 20 pieces of wire for 4 flowers and leaves.

Before arranging the flower petals, first wrap the wire with red colored paper.

Then immediately assemble the first petal using stem glue.

Arrange until it runs out of 4 cm then arrange the 5 cm to 6 petals.

After that, the 5 cm petals were arranged in the shape of a flower by applying stem glue like the picture I show.

Paste the last flower petals with the flower petals that have been arranged beforehand on the stem.

Cut the green straw to make leaves as large as 8 cm.

Then bend and give shape on the edge of the leaf with a hole in the middle.

Paste the leaves on the flowers like the image I show below.

After that, make the flower leaves by cutting 10 cm straws of 16 stems.

Arch it all the way out and take the wire apply stem glue stick it in the middle of the leaf and align it.

After all the making of the petals is complete, then the formation of the edges of the leaves is done until they run out.

Then wrap all the leaf stems using a fly paper.

Take 3 sticks of leaves, paste them with a wrapping paper, do it until they run out.

Arrange the leaves on the first flower stem as much as 1 stem then down 1 stem with a wrapping paper.

Do it until the leaves and flowers are finished as I show below.

Finally finished, roses were also made from processed straws that are used to drink water. Unexpectedly, water straws like this can also be utilized and used for handicrafts such as roses which I have arranged as shown in the picture. There are many used items that can be used for handicraft ideas that will decorate your home and room, so if there are used items, don't throw them away, they must be put to good use.

Thank you for listening to the flower making process and see you in my next post.

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Estoy impresionada, es increible lo que se puede hacer con ese material. Nunca había visto trabajarlo de esta manera, pero creo que hiciste un trabajo excepcional. Felicidades.