The Hanged Man - the next step to the completion of the AI Tarot Card Deck

The time has come to work on The Hanged Man, the next card int he Major Arcana for my AI generated Tarot Card projected.

The imagery on the Tarot card depicts a man suspended upside-down from one leg, hanging from a tree or a scaffold. The man is typically shown as calm and serene, and is often depicted with a halo or aura around his head. Some interpretations of the card suggest that the man is in a state of sacrifice or spiritual surrender, while others suggest that he is in a state of contemplation or enlightenment.

With all of this in mind, I am fairly sure that I want to be a bit more abstract than the literal imagery. I have plenty of thumbnails to work my way through, so I better get started.



This one has some interesting colour theory going on, and a beautiful, pastel background. It certainly has a man "hanging"; but there's no tree, which means that it isn't really suitable.


I quite like this interpretation. There's certainly what appears to be a man suspended upside down, and a mirror like reflection of a man who isn't upside down. The tree is there, the halo behind the character's head is there - it fundamentally has all the pictorial elements. The one element I don't like is the fact that there are two very solid figures. Be nice if one of them was ethereal, probably the top one.


The image above is pretty simple representation, and it matches the description of what we would expect to see in The Hanged Man. Sadly though, I am not a fan of the fact that the composition is around "the wrong way".


This is not a very coherent image, but the drapery in the fabric is again, like everything that models such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion generate, truly luscious; much like the plant life in the background, which perfectly contrasts against the red of the robes.


Now, with this image (which I've flipped) doesn't involve a tree; but definitely has an aura of mystery about. I like the colours, and the fragments of black (could be birds) emanating from the centre, along with the stained glass-like lines on the bottom half of the image.

This one is looking the most likely so far. We'll see if the other options in my next post are any better.

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I did not know this representation, it is interesting to see where it is headed in work.


I think I'm getting looser in terms of my interpretations of the traditional design as the project marches onward.