The Hanged Man - Part Two, searching for the final

Here is the next set of thumbnails for iteration of The Hanged Man, the next card that I am working on in the Major Arcana for my AI generated tarot card deck. This is taking much, much longer than I planned, and is probably one of the longest art projects I've worked on in over 20 years of making art.

As a result, I should make away with the preamble, and get down to short listing and finally making a selection, then tweaking it. ... I've got the workflow organised, the real problem is doing the actual work.



In the image below, there's something that seems to be a man hanging in a tree; but it isn't very well resolved, or incredibly coherent. The colours are nice, and the background is also interesting, but there's not nearly enough foreground detail or narrative punch to even consider talking about this image for even a moment longer.


While there is no tree present in this image, I really like the abstract representation. The man is hanging (or rather floating) in the sky. It might look better upside down, but the absence of a tree makes the image slightly less appealing for use as a final.


Now in this next image, there's an interesting combination of man and tree, and I really, really like this. I'd like it even more if it was upside down. I could do that, but this one is definitely in the short list for a final, completed image.


But I find myself returning to this next image as my preferred iteration. It is significantly more dramatic. It is interesting; and the atmospheric nature of the image makes it more evocative in my mind. I like that mystery, and I feel as though it goes well with the underlying lore of The Hanged Man.


As a result, this will be the image that I will be working on further in the next post to become The Final Hanged Man.

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It almost looks like a leg at the top there.
Heel (white) and pointed toe (orange)