Free Fall | A 3-Part Weekend Freewrite

This is my entry to @mariannewest’s 3-Part Weekend Freewrite. Details here. Prompt sentences in bold italics.


Free Fall

Those that could melt into the shadows and remain undetected deserve all my respect and admiration. I was captured in a matter of days, despite having left no digital traces. I travelled unnoticed to the hills of El Pilar where you can starve before you see a single soul. With their limited technology, they managed to get to the exact spot deep in in the hilly forest. To think that I did not represent a threat to a single local government official, let alone to national security. Yet, these terrorists, who are always connected to some electronic devise, have access to weapons of mass destruction, post their attrocities on social media, and represent a threat to the most powerful and advanced nation in the world just disappeared for decades. No drones, snipers, or bombs for them. That says a lot about their 007-like skills or the so-called super power’s flaws or collusion.

I didn’t know that you can grow this! I said to the officer who was planting anything from drugs to explosives in my bag. “You think you’re funny?” he asked. “I know I am not,” I told him. “I’m brutally honest; that’s all.”
“That’s gonna get you chopped,” he said. “You can chop me all you want,” I said. “That’s not gonna change your shitty self into anything better. It will haunt you to the end of your days and beyond.”
He cocked his gun. “Who do you work for?”
“You idiots believe anything you’re told, don’t you? You obey any order. I’m just a teacher, you moron. I just think and write.”

A cramp in the foot made me duck just in time to avoid the bullet that bastard had just shot. A crazy impulse made me swing a lucky punch and grab a rock that helped me knock him out. I slid down the hill hoping I would not meet a big boulder or a log big enough to kill me. I heard voices and shots behind. There is a certain beauty in letting go. The randomness roulette. It reminded me of that car accident I suffered when I was 17. I just closed my eyes and let whatever was going to happen happen. I could have been smashed by the rolling mass of metal; hit by an upcoming car, shot out of the car towards a solid object and die on the spot, but none of that happened. I survived that, so that I could throw the dice again, free falling down to rugged fragrant lush.


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