Introducing Hive Data: Our New Facebook Marketing Initiative!

Greetings, Hive Community!

There's no denying the massive potential that lies in the realm of social media. While Hive remains our core platform, there's a universe out there waiting to hear the good news about Hive. Enter our brand new Facebook account - Hive Data.


Why Facebook?

Let's face it; while we love the decentralized world, millions are still engrossed in traditional platforms. Our strategy? Be everywhere. Let's take the message of Hive to those spaces. We've embarked on a mission to utilize every social media avenue, and Facebook is a colossal part of that mission.

What to Expect?

At Hive Data, we're not just making posts; we're curating a narrative. Expect a blend of promotional and educational content. Whether you're curious about the latest developments in Hive, or you want an introduction to some fascinating DApps, we've got it all lined up for you. And while we're at it, expect some exciting Facebook shorts that pack a punch in a short span!

Our Strategy

This Facebook initiative is an integral part of our broader outreach plan. Our goal is simple: Promote Hive in all its glory. By being present on platforms where potential users hang out, we're not only increasing Hive's visibility but also offering a bridge for them to cross over to this fantastic world of decentralized social media.


Engagement and More

While we're planning to post 2-3 times a week, we want every post to resonate, to spark a discussion, to ignite curiosity. And while at it, why not some collaborations? For now, we're teaming up with passionate folks within the Hive community. But who knows what the future holds?

Your Role in This Journey

Your feedback, your engagement, and your suggestions will fuel this initiative. So, whether it's a topic you'd love for us to cover, a DApp you think deserves the spotlight, or just some good old feedback - we're all ears!

The Road Ahead

With Hive Data, we're not just starting a Facebook account; we're laying the foundation of an outreach revolution. As we grow and evolve, our ultimate vision is clear - make Hive the buzzword, the platform everyone's talking about!

Join Us!

This is not just our journey; it's ours - the entire Hive community. So, dive in, explore our content, share it, and let's make Hive the sensation it deserves to be.

Till then, keep buzzing and see you on Facebook!

Join our Telegram group on this link if you love participation in promoting Hive on other social media (1).png

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Greetings, I sent you the facebook invitation from the account . davot hive