Amazing Nature Zoology Curation: Oct 2021 #3

Authored by @nelinoeva

@nelinoeva here with highlights of curated posts in Amazing Nature Community.

I am pleased to share with you highlights of the curated posts in zoology each week with the help of @oscurity, zoology moderator.


Amazing Nature is a fast growing community where nature lovers meet. You are invited to join and be part of our community. Your original content will be rewarded and you can take part in the weekly contest run by the community owner @adalger or in the thematic weekly challenge by @bucipuci.

Here are the posts that were curated last week and I kindly ask you to give your support to their amazing authors. Snakes and spiders aren't horrible. They all play important role and are part of the amazing nature.

Meet the most dangerous snakes in South Africa with @papilloncharity. You will find interesting facts about them in his post

👉Most dangerous snakes in South Africa.👈

Many may not like spiders, but not @freemotherearth, who has fascinating story about the Orb Weaver.

👉Marbled Orb Weaver (Araneus Marmoreus)👈

@borjan made Tree Tuesday post, but what he found under the trees is abundance of insects.


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