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The purpose of the Stock Images community is to bring the option for using stock images into the Hive community, where we can easily reward and support the creators of these images. Instead of using outside sources you can tag, credit and reward your fellow Hivians for their talented work of art right here on the blockchain.


Contributor Highlights Post!

With the stock image contribution rates being low right now we have decided to highlight themed images that have been previously provided by our contributors.

We hope these highlights help bring awareness and attention to some useful images that you can use in your blog posts.

Each featured contributor will receive a 10% beneficiary of this curation post!

This week we are highlighting some Medicine posts where the focus is on Pills!

Post Usage Ideas:

• health and wellness
• the effects of medicine
• pharmaceuticals vs natural medicine
• hospital visit
• pandemic

Here are this week’s highlight selections…

Stock Images: Fever Edition - Stock Images: Edición Febril



In this post you’ll find several shots of red pills paired with a thermometer. There is also a photo of the thermometer by itself. The tone of these photos sets a very subtle and gentle mood.

"The Capsules Photography" - Hive Stock Images



This post includes two-toned capsules filled with vitamin C granules. Each photo shows clear and up close images of the pills.

Pills on Pink & Blue Background Stock Images



You’ll find packaged small white pills in this contributor’s post. Three packs are coupled together in each image and there are a variety of angles to choose from.


We hope you find these contributor highlights useful in helping you find stock images for your upcoming posts. Please make sure to read the specific terms of use for each creator that can be found directly in their posts. Let’s support our Hive artists and photographers :)

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If you use any Hive Stock Images in your post, don't forget to credit the owner and use the tag #freeimageshare, so we can find it and thank you for your support of our image contributors. We particularly love to see contributors supported with a beneficiary or tip, even if they don't ask for one.

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Many thanks to @sitaru for the Hive bee image we use, @doze for the footer and also @thepeakstudio for the divider. They each will receive beneficiaries along with the contributors highlighted in this post.

Curation today was brought to you by @crosheille.



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