Winks: I need more playing time


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Harry Winks has in a little over that year gone from being a regular part of the Tottenham squad and English national team player to being a reserve, and that is not a sustainable situation. The midfielder stated this according to British The Times after the disappointing 1-0 defeat to Dutch Vitesse in the Europa Conference League:

I love Tottenham, but I want to play hard. The only way you can do your best is to play hard. It's hard when you only get fights here and there. It has also affected my confidence.

According to the media, Winks had the opportunity to leave the club last summer, but he chose to stay and fight for his chance. However, it does not seem that the club's new manager, Nuno Espírito Santo, has much faith in the English, as he has only played six games this season - four of them have been in the Europa Conference League.