De Bruyne: The UCL final is quite blurry to me


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Manchester City had the chance to win their first Champions League trophy last season, but after 90 minutes of football in Portugal, it was the compatriots from Chelsea who could lift the trophy with the big ears after a 1-0 victory on a goal by German Kai Havertz.

Something that hurt Manchester City's chances in the match was when the club's biggest star, Kevin De Bruyne, had to leave the match after an hour. The Belgian clashed with Chelsea's Antonio Rüdiger, and one could see a Belgian included in the stands with a big blue eye.

In an interview with Belgian Het Laatste Nieuws, the midfielder has put up a bit on what he remembers about the episode. It did not turn out to be very much, for he suffered a concussion in connection with the collision:

I've seen the pictures from the episode. He was not out to hurt me. He just wanted to block my path and for me it's not a red card but I got a concussion so the final is pretty blurry for me.

Kevin De Bruyne has just started his sixth season at Manchester City. The 30-year-old Belgian has so far played 269 matches, scored 69 goals and made 107 appearances in the light blue jersey.