For the past few months (let's say four months) now I've been sick at least once a month and was either treated for malaria or already showing symptoms for it. It’s been a tough battle with mosquitoes in my hostel which is always crowded with friends and makes mosquitoes inevitable even though when you think the door is closed but unfortunately, they’ve already found their way in.
This has pushed me to the limit of finding a solution to stop infection than to be taking drugs every month which I hated most because I believed that too many drugs in the body have a very large effect on the immune system and even on the essential organs in the body. Maybe you don’t feel the same or my belief is just a sign of my fear?

So I decided to take the matter up in a more advanced and electronic way, as a student engineer I decided to design a solution to my problem by designing a MOSQUITO REPELLENT CIRCUIT. Since various mosquito repellent solutions like coils, liquid vaporizers, and creams, all have adverse effects on health.



Note: The circuit diagram above was taken from google, by CircuitDigest

With the help of Circuit-Digest can find an easy and affordable circuit design using 555 timer IC with few other commonly available components, I so much trust their schematic diagrams because they have helped me with a few good designs in the past which was a success then.
So I decided to design my prototype of the circuit on free software called Fritzing.

Fritzing is used to design and create PCB layout, schematic and temporary circuit (breadboard design) of electronic designs for manufacturing.

Untitled Sketch.fzz - Fritzing.png

Here are my designs below:

  • The first part is the breadboard view, where a temporary design is made to test the circuit if its good and correct. And on the right side of the window is the component parts where i picked my components for the design, underneath the parts is the inspection tab to check the values and qualities of the component so as not to choose the wrong component for the design.

Mosquito repeller - Breadboard View.png

  • The Schematic layout is the next tab, which is like that of the original circuit diagram:

Mosquito repellent - Schematic View.png

  • Lastly, here comes the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout. It is the prototype of the design that will be printed on a board and then arrange the components on it for permanent design.

Mosquito repeller - Fritzing - PCB Layout.png

Now that am done with the prototype design, the next step is to get the components needed and transfer the PCB layout to a PCB or a permanent circuit board (VEROBOARD) if the former is not possible. This is because of the cost and availability of the equipment to print the board but the VEROBOARD is also a good choice for designing the circuit.


Note: The Veroboard is a pre-formed circuit board material of copper strips, mainly used for permanent circuit design serving the same purpose as a PCB.

We this I can sleep in peace and stay safe from mosquito bite plus malaria in as much as the repellent is on, and it is set to the right frequency between 20kHz to 40kHz ultrasound which tends to sound like a male mosquito but always avoided by the female mosquitoes after breeding. It's all in the source link, you can check it out to know more about how it works.
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