The Latest Trend of Human Beings Cutting Off Their Toes and Selling It To Make Money

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I believe you guys have heard about the crazy thing happening in some part of the world at the moment.

Apparently, some humans are selling a piece of their toes for as much as $40000 to make money. It's becoming a trend nowadays and more people are taking part in this act.

Although selling of the human part is not a relatively new thing, as most people sell organs of their bodies to make money. Some sell a part of their kidney, heart, sperm, eggs, hair and so on.

Donation of blood is also part of it, as most people don't do it for charity but to make gains. Actually, one cannot point a finger and blame those involved in the activities because they do not have any means of survival,they try so hard before they resolved to selling.

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But I wonder what people that buys toes use it for though. The interesting part is the bigger the part the higher the amount paid. What I mean is, if you are selling the index toe, you get paid a higher amount than when selling the pinky toe.

To think that there are dangers involved, but most of them ignorantly do these things without proper research or medical consultations. For instance, it is known that every organ in the body is not created in isolation, they are either linked somewhere or are connected somehow. It is said that the toes are connected to the brain thus, you can see the danger involved.

Well, at least these people get to do it of their own free will. The bad part is when greedy people kidnap their fellow humans, drug them and cut off several valuable parts of their body. Some for selfish purposes of treating their sick loved ones at the detriment of another and other for ritual purposes.

Crazy things are happening...

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