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Certain statements were used to frighten little children in the past, especially to scare them away from doing the wrong things. It was a means of corrections sought of while some were just mere superstitions.
These superstitious beliefs are peculiar to the Igbo tribe, I am sure most of my Igbo Hivers will agree to that, Some of the include:

(1) The ụdara seed you swallow will germinate in your stomach.
(2) Your navel will disappear if you don't return soon from that errand before my spittle shot on the ground dissolves.
(3) Ọtaa is coming and will eat you if you don't stop crying.
(4) “Cooking and eating late can invite an epidemic even a pandemic!”
This was intended to discourage eating late meals.
(5) Don't chase black birds in the farm, else they will mislead you far deep into the spirit world.
(6) If you are passing by a cemetery at night, you must not look back else you will be attacked by ghosts.

(7) You must not bend and look in-between your legs in a market place otherwise the spirits will give you a heavy knock on your head.
(8) If you put your hands out while it rained with thunderstorms at the same time, you'll become handicapped.
(9) If you whistle in the night, you will see ghosts.
(10) You will fall inside the (pit) toilet once you eat a big palm kernel. Therefore, big palm kernels are only meant for adults.

(11) Snake is called tie tie or rope at night.

(12) Don’t step over a pregnant woman’s legs, otherwise it is believed her baby will be born with a form of dwarfism. It is also thought that the child could end up looking like you instead of its parents
(13) Don’t sweep at night, it is believed they will sweep away the family’s wealth.

All cultures have their superstitions and crucial dos and don’ts. These days such superstitions are more likely to elicit laughter – although some people might still adhere to them just in case…. The funny thing is, as kids we adhere strictly to these beliefs and were even scared of some them.
Subsequently, I will be discussing the taboos and superstitions of other tribes in Nigeria.

But now civilization is trying to override our culture but we won't let it. Up Naija for life❤️.



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